Meet Our Team

We are excited to get to know you! – your unique needs, interests, and desires. Together, with our knowledge, experience, and travel industry partnerships, we will create a personalized adventure you will long remember after your return.

From your first notion to take a journey, our team promises to guide you through the countless details of trip planning. I was raised to understand that travel is the best form of education. Having traveled around the world to over 70 countries on 6 continents in addition to experiencing adventures in every state in the union, I can truly help you to plan the trips you’ve always imagined, and make them a reality.

Experience Matters

Since we opened in 1994, our clients’ peace of mind and overall enjoyment has been our top priority. Day or night, our travelers can be assured that there is always someone available to answer their calls personally. Whatever the situation, we will be by your side, ready and willing to guide you through.

With experiences ranging from an exclusive old-world European tour to a wild African safari, or even a luxurious cruise getaway that sets sail from your backyard, there is a perfect trip waiting just for you.

Having experienced many of the destinations and excursions first-hand, we have every confidence that our personal knowledge, will allow us to create nothing short of a dream trip……..better than anything you could possibly imagine.

Sharing those experiences and collaborating with our clients to create incredible journeys is our passion!

Let’s get inspired together!


Nancy & Roy Chapin

Bozena “Bo” Bielinski

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A native of Poland, Bo and her husband, Mark have been US citizens for more than 35 years. Bo began her travel career 30 years ago and has been with Vista Travel Associates from its beginning 25 years ago.

Bo can book and coordinate air travel better than most airline agents. She understands the ever-changing arcane rules of domestic and international air travel.

Bo has traveled throughout Europe, loves ocean and river cruising, and provides clients with the expertise necessary to have the ultimate experience. Bo loves the water and on vacation, heads to the Keys for boating and diving.

We are blessed to be able to provide firsthand knowledge of the many places our clients want to visit. In addition, our partners on the ground, around the world, provide that extra peace of mind for us, and our clients when they are on their trip. Bo

Mary Frances Cvetas

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Mary joins her colleagues in their goal to make each trip a “once in a lifetime experience.” A native of Arizona, Mary began traveling domestically at age 2 and internationally at age 16. She has continued the love of travel with her husband and two boys.

Within the United States, her heart will always remain in Hawaii as it holds incredible family memories. The food and gorgeous waters are hard to beat. Her focus is on building travel experiences that create those same memories for her clients. She relies on the experience of everyone in the office, knowing that the travel experiences they all share can benefit each client.

“I have a strong focus on independent travel. Internationally, I have traveled throughout Europe, but China and Russia are my favorites, with their history and culture that is in such contrast to our own. Learning is key for me. The world is such a vast place that I could never cover in 5 lifetimes, but I will work at it.” Mary

Pamela Coker

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Pam has travelled extensively with visits to more than 25 countries. Ireland remains one of her favorites and she is planning on return visits. Pam enjoys the process of creating interesting land and cruise trips where the experiences compliment the traveler. Her expertise and good taste have resulted in many memorable trips for her repeat clients. Pam will often accompany a small group, and her easy manner and friendship make the trip even better.

The career paths of Pam and the Chapin’s have crossed and interacted over many years, first in real estate then later with Vista Travel. As a part of the Vista Travel team, Pam’s experience is integral in creating successful travel experiences for our clients.

“I most enjoy getting to know the client and creating a trip that is customized for each one of them. So often travel packages are cookie cutter. Our personal experiences make a big difference and we are told that repeatedly by our clients. Pam