Multi-Generational Travel Planning

Getting an entire family together for a vacation can seem daunting. Between schedules, budgets, and even the types of vacations everyone likes can make it virtually impossible. And all of this can be made further complicated by the number of people in the group.

This is where having a member of Vista Travel Associates coordinating everything will help the process run much smoother!

Things that Need Discussed from the Start

  • Budget

    Before we even THINK about where we all want to go, we first need to find out where everyone stands financially on what they want to spend. Unless of course the overall cost of the trip is being paid for by one of the family members.

  • Travel Dates

    Coordinating schedules is next. Planning for a larger group takes more effort for obvious reasons. Once a date is narrowed down, we can then start looking at destinations and other options.

  • Vacation Destination and Choice

    Where do you want to go? Are you looking to relax on a beach or cruise the rivers of Europe? Does an all-inclusive resort sound good, or is a custom-planned active itinerary more interesting? That’s the next big question!

Popular Destinations

Unless someone in your group absolutely despises the sun, beach destinations are always a hit. All-inclusive resorts are very popular multi-generational trips. The cost is a known from the start and there are very little surprises.

Alaska Cruises are also popular. The kids love cruising and the adults can take in the sights and sounds of Alaska – it’s a perfect combo.

Depending on budget, many of our clients choose custom-planned itineraries, such as an African safari, or a culinary tour throughout Italy. Again, this all depends on the ages of all guests.

Our best advice is to schedule a call with one of our team to go over some ideas you might not even thought about. Planning group trips is our specialty and to be very honest with you, we’re quite good at it!

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