Destination Weddings

Planning a destination wedding can seem overwhelming. Our team at Vista Travel Associates has coordinated dozens of dream weddings over the years – each to perfection.

It starts with a conversation. There are many factors when it comes to planning a wedding in the islands, on a cruise, or at an all-inclusive resort.

Things that Need Discussed from the Start

  • Budget

    As with any travel planning, it starts with a budget. Not only the budget for the bride and groom, but for your guests. You must consider what they can and are willing to spend to attend your special day.

  • Destination

    Choosing a destination that appeals to a group of people is key. You rarely go wrong with a sunny, beach destination. All inclusive resorts are even more desirable because meals and drinks are included.

  • Number of People

    How many people do you plan to invite? Often times, the larger the group the more of a discount you’ll receive. It also means more people to please! Our team can help you plan the details.

Popular Destinations

All-inclusive resorts are definitely the most popular when it comes to destination weddings. The cost is known upfront and guests should not have any surprises when the check out. Jamaica, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and Mexico are just a few of the popular tropical locations for a destination wedding.

St. Lucia is another popular spot. Sandal’s Resorts have locations throughout the Caribbean and are wonderful to work with.

And although there aren’t any all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii, the Islands of Aloha are VERY popular for destination weddings.

Where Do You and Your Guests Live?

Depending on where in the United States the guests will be flying in from also plays an important part in the overall destination pick. If most people are from east of the Mississippi, the Caribbean and Mexico are much more convenient, as well as any of the southern part of the USA. West coast folks may find Hawaii to be a better option as it’s not quite a far.


Getting married on a ship is also very popular. Cruising makes for a great vacation for everyone as there is so much to see and do.

Allow us to help provide you with our expertise.

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